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Computers 3

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Using a graphic editor, a program that displays animated graphics, could also help in school. The subject it could work best in, I think, is history. The historical event of World War II would be a good area for the graphic editor. By having the right graphics programmed into the graphic editor one could see the advancements of the Third Reich and the retreats after the invasion of Normandy. Then if the teacher displays the screen on an overhead projector, the whole classroom will see the event being displayed. Other graphic editors can be used for designing and drafting. Instead of doing drawings on paper of the object to design, you could draw it using a mouse on the computer. This takes less time, is easier to fix errors, and can guarantee you straight lines and perfect angles. Therefore it would take a little less time.

Using a word processor, instead of typewriters or a pen could be used for English. Most word processors have a command to check spelling and use a thesaurus. This is a better way of looking up words because it is quicker than looking up words in a dictionary or a thesaurus. A word processor also has one thing pencils, pens, and non-electric typewriters don't have. That thing is easy mistake correcting. With a pencil or pen error, a person will erase the mistake or use correction fluid which really makes it look like a horrendous mess. With the backspace key, all a person has to do is move to the error with the cursor keys and on the mistake press the backspace key. In this way, there will be no mess and a student will feel better about the paper. The word processing program is better than writing things out because teachers cannot read everyone's writing perfectly. Some kid's lower case L's look like lower case I's, and in cursive somebody might forget about another curve and make M's look like N's, and so on. It is very simple to use and that is a good point about it.