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Computers 5

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Programs for the subject of science are in great quantities because there are so many sciences: physics, biology, chemistry, geology, and so on. Because each is so different a company really can't combine them unless they have a mixed-science type of program. For chemistry, there is a program that shows what elements combine to make a certain compound. It even shows its molecular structure. Another program could help people balance chemical equations, because it is often difficult. To test to see what a mystery substance is, a person could type into a program its characteristics and it could tell the possibilities. In physics, when a student is dealing with acceleration it could show the student the formula and an animated picture so that you can actually see what is happening. The picture would be necessary because people often cannot see what the problem is asking and they have a hard time working on it. I think a program for physics would be mostly one to practice on. Biology programs would be a little more difficult because this subject deals with the environment and objects in the environment. A program could display the cell. By using a mouse and clicking the mouse button on a part of the cell, a person can find out about a particular part. Another program might tell you the classification of a living object you type in. Another program for biology might show you the parts of an organism you type in at the prompt. For this subject, the programs mostly display information because there are no formulas to work with.

Computers also help students to approach problems in a logical manner. A computer cannot run by itself without instuctions from the user. Therefore, learning computer applications is an excellent teacher of logic to the student.