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Computers 7

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For just painting, a person could use Microsoft Windows with the Paintbrush application. This is a normal drawing program that has many different colors to paint the image and has many types of lines, geometric figures, and words to use with the drawings.

If animation is what someone is looking for, the Shareware program, The Draw, is a program to try. One could make a picture, animate it, and see it in action. It has various colors, backgrounds, and symbols to use with it.

For use with architecture or designing, one could use Computer Aided Designing to help them design cars or buildings. Computer Aided Designing, or CAD, would help with these courses. With architecture, one could design a building with help from the computer. This could lead to constructions of buildings around the San Andreas Fault that are almost immune to eathquake damage. CAD could also be used to design cars that are faster, more gas efficient, and better for the environment. This way, we won't run into troubles again with cars like the Pinto, which had some problems concerning gas tanks and gas lines.