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Computers 10

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Because of the hands-on method of teaching, computers can keep certain students from being distracted. Lecture classes can, at times, cause some students to daydream, whereas using computer programs would help these students absorb the material presented. Computers are only an enhancement to a subject, however, and cannot replace the actual teacher.

Children are the future of America. As I said before, children enrolled in poor schools won't have experience with computers. Computers will become a major learning tool in the future. So it is likely that a poor child might not get as good of a job as a student enrolled in electronics, computer programming, and data processing courses. The students exposed to these programs will apply for and get the good-paying jobs. However, that poor child will not get a job and cause him to live in the streets or on welfare living on public money. This raises taxes and discontented people vote out the President of the United States.

The educational system in other countries, such as Japan, is much more intense. Therefore, many industries are growing in these countries rather than our United States. This is happening on an everyday basis. We must get children involved with computers or we are basically opening the door to other nationalities and letting them take over the job market while some Americans are warming their hands over a lit garbage can in the streets. We can change it, but it should be as soon as possible. If we don't act now, it may be too late and the American dream of a job and successfulness will be a lit candle in the wind.